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Core member

The core members of the Dipu design team are deeply knowledgeable and experienced by returnees who have worked in the Silicon Valley IC industry for more than 20 years.

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Design and craft

Dipu designs products according to different process flows. The design covers all process models and process forms. All products are 100% tested on wafer and packaged products.

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Professional recognition

The company is a member of China Semiconductor Association, a member of China Power Supply Society, a member of China Lighting Society, and is recognized by all parties.

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Related cooperation

Dipu and Tsinghua University Research Institute have further cooperated in the field of chip research and development. Achieved consensus on new product development, intellectual property applications, etc.

Dipu's goal

Since its establishment, Dipu has developed rapidly and its products have covered power management ICs (Lithium Charger IC/LDO IC/Low Voltage Detection (Reset) IC/DC-DC Boost & Buck IC/White Lamp Backlight IC/Voltage Reference Source) IC/regulator IC/DC-DC universal conversion IC, etc.), MOS transistor (low voltage MOS/medium voltage high current MOS/high voltage MOS), IGBT, EEPROM IC, audio amplifier IC, clock calendar IC, LED driver IC, high voltage switch There are hundreds of models of many types such as triodes.

Based on independent innovation, Dipu 香草视频APP owns and is committed to the innovation and promotion of “PUOLOP” brand products. Dipu's goal is to become one of the most valuable suppliers of power management ICs and power semiconductor devices in China.

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Member of China Semiconductor Industry Association

China Semiconductor Industry Association

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Member of China Power Society

China Semiconductor Industry Association

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Member of China Lighting Society

China Semiconductor Industry Association

Quality first, customer first

"Quality First, Customer First" is not only the business purpose of Dipu 香草视频APP, but also the basis for the continuous high-speed development of Dipu. We attach great importance to the opinions of customers and try our best to meet the requirements of customers from beginning to end. We always believe that quality is the first responsibility of all our colleagues and we are always proud of Dipu's strict quality management system.

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Dipu 香草视频APP News

We sincerely hope to cooperate with customers and users to win the market and create a better tomorrow!

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2018 Munich (Shanghai) Electronics Show


On March 16, 2018, the three-day Munich Shanghai Electronics Show opened. The theme of this year's Electronics Show is "Intelligence to the Future". As the leading electronics industry exhibition in Asia, the most important event in the industry. 香草视频APP brought hot products to the Munich Electronics Fair. We insist on customers...

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Won the title of "Pioneer Growth Enterprise" in the 3rd Blue Dot Award!


Once a year, the blue dot shines! The 3rd Blue Dot Awards Ceremony was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center! This is an industry award for the integration and innovation of electronic information industry 香草视频APPs, and is a brand event for the electronics industry. The Blue Dot Award is sponsored by the Shenzhen Electronic Chamber of Commerce to encourage SMEs in the Shenzhen electronics industry to “new...

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South Australian Seal CS Base Development Training


In the fierce market competition situation, Dipu Electronics insists on building differentiated competitive advantages. Over the years, it has adhered to people-oriented, adopts various ways to care for and care for the lives of employees, and is committed to improving the welfare of employees and deliberately organizing partners. They traveled by car and went to the CS base in South Australia. They were full of greenery...

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